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Boxing purist Frankee Hayes with legacy-defining plans of his own!!

Boxing purist Frankee Hayes with legacy-defining plans of his own!!

Thursday 3rd October 2019
Thomas Lyons

Quietly under the radar is young Repton talent Frankee Hayes aspiring to be the new kid on block, having only reached the first milestone at the age of 10.

With his foot in the door to big approval from Eddie Hearn, Anthony Joshua to name a few, the plaudits couldn't come sooner for Hayes whose used those accolades as fuel to concentrate on his Boxing.

Taking a different angle from the conventional news forum of everyday bust-ups, fights fallIng through and unsung egos circling the industry, Hayes touches base on what boxing has done for him and what's to come.

Starting boxing at the age of 4 and acquiring the right tutelage to ease into the spit and sawdust environment of an amateur gym looking up to the lead figureheads of the gym is no easy task for a young man.

1) Starting off, what's the most valuable thing boxing has given you? He [Hayes] replied "[It has] taught me respect and discipline.

2) Who are your boxing idols? His reply, "Anthony Joshua, Mayweather, Manny [Pacquiao] and Lomachenko."

3) Following on from that observation, what have these people given you in terms of advice or mentorship? Hayes touches on AJ telling him to remain focused and more importantly "work hard in school."

4) Expressing his unchallenged passion for the sport, with no hesitation, when asked about whether he'd prefer to stay behind (after a session) to sweep the gym for his coaches and help out or going to school, he said he'd rather clean up allowing him to attach to the magnetism of full time training.

5) Looking forward to big fights ahead and soaking up all the thrills and bills of world-level boxing, Hayes dates back to the history of his infamous Repton amateur gym & praises his coaches as the "best" and going the extra mile to help out.

6) With all that said, Hayes has no doubt he'll reach his end goal of becoming world champion one day and continues to improve each day with the club.

Undoubtedly, there's plenty more to come and watching his progress will intrigue those in and out of the famous East London community!!

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