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Miracle or Repeat: How do you make a case of fair treatment in favour of Danny Jacobs if the fight goes the distance?

Miracle or Repeat: How do you make a case of fair treatment in favour of Danny Jacobs if the fight goes the distance?

Sunday 5th May 2019
Thomas Lyons


Stepping in the ring with a fellow elite fighter in Canelo may seem a leap too far for a fairly underprivileged fighter from Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York but Cinco de Mayo weekend will treat Daniel 'The Miracle Man' Jacobs with the greatest recovery of any modern day fighter, claiming to be the pound-for-pound best on the planet.

Saul Álvarez closed the year off with a routine win over Rocky Fielding, stepping up to Super-middleweight (168lbs) to get a first taste of climbing the weights against a taller, naturally heavier fighter and a familiar setting at the iconic Madison Square Garden.

Canelo tipped the scales in phenomenal shape for that fight and dropping back down ever so marginally, while keeping his size and physique has not been much of a challenge for the brash Mexican fighter.

Caught up in the cycle of leaked drug samples, tracing Clenbuterol in his system, has somewhat tainted Canelo's reputation but more so credibility as an ambassador for those coming through the ranks, the likes of Ryan Garcia, heavily linked to the Álvarez camp.

On the other hand, Jacobs has had to slug it out from the moment he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, also referred to the scientific condition, osteosarcoma, that could have shut the curtain to any further steps of reaching the pinnacle.

With seconds to live, Danny Jacobs breathed life into his bloodstream with sheer determination and spirit to reach the top once more.

Having taken Gennady Golovkin the distance, before a controversial decision, that could have gone either way, was announced, it felt like another tonne of bricks had struck Jacobs with nothing to spur him on to become world champion for the second time.

The Canelo opportunity presented itself with the Guadalajara superstar signing the papers to join streaming platform, DAZN, and willingly throw all of his marbles into the hat, with mega-fights to be made for millions of US dollars.

Just hours until the two come to centre ring to trade blows, both camps got a little too close at yesterday's weigh in at the MGM Grand Hotel, Las. Vegas in awe of the other's defiance and confidence stepping to the podium.

The fighters ended a fiery last face-off before they look across at each other in the ring, giving the thumbs up on what is expected to be a battle full of blood, guts and emotions.

A lot has been made of the recent wave of unpopular and distasteful scorecards in favour of the home fighter and with more politics involved, it would be a shame if Jacobs wasn't given a fair crack at the whip.

Álvarez passed out Golovkin on two occasions, the second fight a much more convincing display that the original middleweight classic which saw both throw the kitchen sink at one another in September of 2017.

Since then, Jacobs has returned with wins over Luís Arias, Maciej Sulecki and Serhiy Derevianchenko (all by decision; UD or SD), on course for another chance at redemption- hurdle after hurdle.

This fight will test not only Jacobs' character but whether he can hold his own against the very upper elite in the 160lb division, without a notion of fights to come with Andrade or Charlo, for either men.

Written by Thomas Lyons

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