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Whitley's Muston edges out Sheffield's Moore in opening bout of elite finals

Whitley's Muston edges out Sheffield's Moore in opening bout of elite finals

Sunday 24th March 2019
Thomas Lyons

An unpopular split decision saw Reading's only medal hopeful, Rueben Muston, take the 36kg junior title and add to his already impressive tally of wins in the unpaid ranks.

With the bright yellow football style socks and matching boots, Muston came out of the blocks at a frantic pace and was sharper to the jab in the opening exchanges.

Using his ring intelligence and superior footwork, the away fighter got behind his jab, at times doubling up and making his opponent fall short with his own work.

Muston had a spring to his step and started to catch Moore with right hooks from that Southpaw stance and with the clash of similar styles, played into Muston's hands going into the second stanza.

Moore was getting frustrated and swinging wildly as Muston continued to take control of centre ring and started to increase his volume of punches, catching the judges' eye.

The cleaner, snappier, accurate punches favoured the former Bristol box cup winner and with continued pressure on the front foot, Muston managed to stay clear of any looping overhands.

The corner urging him to stay busy and keep to the basics, Muston followed up with exquisite three and four punch combinations, made it clear to the judges who was stealing the rounds.

Moore was forced to back up but had no answer with counters as Muston made sure he was in and out quickly while maintaining the distance to land another flurry of punches.

Muston put on a boxing masterclass at the Magma centre, but the decision came as a surprise when announced as a 'split' despite the blue corner getting the decision.

Boxing on the road and not given any favours, to say the least, Muston lived up to the pressure in his first major title bout on a massive stage and made light work of it.

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