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Rip up the Hollywood script: Robinson eyes Southern Area prize

Rip up the Hollywood script: Robinson eyes Southern Area prize

Thursday 21st February 2019
Thomas Lyons

TWO unbeaten Super-welterweight prospects, Sean Robinson (8-0) and Joshua Ejakpovi (12-0) square off in an eagerly anticipated domestic clash at the York Hall on March 9.

With the nature of boxing match-ups accelerating, particularly on the small-hall scene, both men have stepped up to the plate, and for the winner, an opportunity to climb the domestic rankings.

Robinson landed himself the Southern Area title shot with a near landslide 60-55 points victory over Jordan Grannum, in Tottenham, on October, while Ejakpovi came through his final eliminator with Sam Wicks to book an early date in the New Year.

At just 23-years old, Robinson has already built on his amateur pedigree, culminating in 48 fights, having spent a large part of this with Hooks A.B.C. and Dale Youth.

Although Robinson is based down at the Ringcraft Gym in Dunstable, trained by Terry Steward, he's managed to get top-class sparring for this camp, including European title challenger Ted Cheeseman and Commonwealth middleweight champion, Felix Cash, to name a few.

Ejakpovi, however, has spent weeks over in Las Vegas, completing a large chunk of camp at Johnny Tooco's boxing gym, sparring high calibre opposition, among them, British title challenger Asinia Byfield.

Below is a break-down of how both men came through their last fights and what to look for in terms of strengths and weaknesses of both fighters:

Robinson set a ferocious pace against Grannum, in what was his first six-rounder, immediately firing the jab and dropping shots downstairs.

He was able to use his lead hand as a range finder, to great effect, and began to apply pressure to ensure he kept Grannum on the back foot.

The Ealing fighter didn't rely on throwing singular shots and was able to start increasing his punch output as the rounds ticked over, claiming the centre of the ring and teeing off on Grannum.

In contrast to Robinson's last performance, Ejakpovi was a lot more tentative and systematic with his approach and while judging distance superbly and imposing his size, reach and length, began touching Wicks with the jab to get a feel of his opponent.

For the most part, Wicks was negative, backing off, and not allowing for a toe-to-toe, inside, fight and Ejakpovi capitalised on Wick's open guard, landing consecutive left crosses from the southpaw stance.

Wicks quickly marked up, not long into the second round, while Ejakpovi showed good movement off the ropes and took advantage of the gaping holes in Wick's defence.

Blood appeared around Wick's nose in round five and Ejakpovi knew he was beginning to ware Wicks out and break his heart and will in making it an all-round competitive fight.

Similar to Robinson, Ejakpovi is very efficient with his shots and well drilled in landing effectively but first setting the feet to land on the target.

Ejakpovi showed finesse in round six, dropping his hands and popping out a straight left from an astounding angle, step back out of range and get back behind his jab.

Wicks did in fact land a right-cross of his own and had Ejakpovi temporarily backed up, before the round concluded and forced to retire on his stool at the end of the seventh.

Having witnessed an absolute classic small-hall slug-fest between Samuel Antwi and Jez Smith last weekend, we may well get a repeat of that thrilling encounter as both Robinson and Ejakpovi's styles set to gel nicely.

Accompanying this fight will be two other Southern Area title contests; the first will see Chingford's Liam Dillon (8-0) challenges Dave Birmingham for the Super-Featherweight crown.

The second is a battle of the Cruiserweights as slick Southpaw Daniel Mendez (8-1) takes on Danny Couzens.

Overall, this 'Dare to Dream' card has all the ingredients to be show of the year and with some tough fights to call, makes for an exciting night at the iconic British venue.

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