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"I DON'T BELIEVE IN RUSHING ART, I TAKE MY TIME AND GET THE JOB DONE": Rising Bradford prospect Amin Jahanzeb already making waves in pro-ranks

"I DON'T BELIEVE IN RUSHING ART, I TAKE MY TIME AND GET THE JOB DONE": Rising Bradford prospect Amin Jahanzeb already making waves in pro-ranks

Saturday 15th December 2018
Thomas Lyons

Bradford's highly touted prospect and MTK stable addition, Amin Jahanzeb (3-0) is just getting started, after making the transition to the professional game, earlier this year.

Ahead of a promising 2019 for the 22-year-old, Jahanzeb has remained unbeaten, already racking up three consecutive wins by continually plying his trade in the gym, learning every day, sparring the likes of Kid Galahad for the past two months and easing his way into the unique Ingle environment.

When you get a first glimpse of the exuberant Yorkshire man, you associate his style with flamboyance and unprecedented confidence but he's carrying the weight of the city on his shoulders, with only a handful of top prospects coming through the ranks.

Poised and ready, Jahanzeb is starting to put Bradford boxing on the map. Although this may be one of his top priorities, in a selfish sense, his career is fundamentally what gets him out of bed in the morning, wake up and train in order to raise his profile and be taken seriously.

A consummate athlete inside and outside of the ring, Jahanzeb returns to the ring in the early new year with the final MTK show of the year taking place tonight at York Hall, an iconic venue I'm sure Jahanzeb would jump at the opportunity to fight there one day.

A KO victory over Rick Starkey in his second fight and two points wins in the other two bouts leaves Jahanzeb with a lower KO ratio than a lot of red-hot prospects in the modern era, but that doesn't phase him one bit.

His objective is to get the win and not force a stoppage. Entertaining is in his make-up and Jahanzeb will be eager to demonstrate this style in the first full year in the business.

Follow our interview below and uncover the truth behind Jahanzeb's amateur career and ambitions when turning over:

T: When asked about his profile in the city of Bradford, and without sounding bumptious or over-confident, would you consider yourself the 'flag bearer' for Bradford boxing at the moment?

A: "Of course I do, ever since the first pro-boxing show for Bradford, in a very long time back in May, the local people have been excited about boxing again, especially after seeing a fighting style like mine and the performances I've been putting on... people who've never seen a fight in their whole life are coming to watch me and are rooting for me so I'm definitely doing something right... but I'm from Karmand Boxing club and there are two other great future champions in Jermaine Springer and Zeeshan Khan, I hope for us all to be the faces of boxing for Bradford, all at different weights so even better."

"We're all putting Bradford on the map wherever we go."

T: Does this 'status' give you confidence that you can put Bradford city on the map and showcase the talent in the town?

A: "Most definitely, I've got no doubt in my mind I can put Bradford out there. Bradford is often looked down upon due to the crime, [deviance] etc, but in reality, there are so many talented athletes that are not getting the recognition, or maybe shy to speak up and represent where they come from...I'm not shy nor am I afraid to show where I'm from...recently wherever I go there's always random people recognising me from attending my fights, watching my social media, or word of mouth, Bradford is a small town, the word gets around 0-100 real quick.

T: Your link up with MTK global has been a recent one, how did this come about and what's the relationship like with the team?

A: "With MTK it was one of those opportunities that just came along...I was looking for a good manager/management company at the time... I had a few offers and people pestering me but nothing really caught my eye... but MTK came along, they are growing rapidly, they have the best fighters in the game right now and the support they show their fighters is unmatched... so how could I not go with them."

T: Do you have full faith in MTK that they can market you not only as an individual and raise your profile but also get you the right fights at the right time to progress your career?

A: "I don't see why I shouldn't have full faith in them, so far they have been great and have been great and have boosted my profile right up and got my name out there a lot more...I'm confident they will get me the right fights as the journey continues."

T: Talk us through your amateur record and whether you feel your style emulates the pro-style or have you used elements from the amateurs like timing and distance?

A: "I've had 19 amateur fights with 15 wins and also won a national title... yes very few fights in the amateur game I know. Injuries and opponents pulling out are the main cause, but I can't blame them, I was dropping and stopping guys left, right and centre and had some beautiful knockouts along the way as well... and as for style, I never had a fast all-out amateur style... I don't believe in rushing art... I take my time and I get the job done... the pro game is much better for me as I get better and better each round.

T: Talk us through your first 3 fights at this embryonic stage and has it been gradual improvement fight by fight?

A: My first 3 fights got the boxing fans really excited and really wanting to see more of Amin Jahanzeb but the best thing as I haven't even got out of second gear yet... I'm always confident, relaxed and I stay ready all year round.

T: When will you be satisfied that you have lived up to expectation from home and any added pressure of being a pro boxer from the area?

A: "As I am my own biggest critic, I believe I will never be satisfied as there is always tougher fights around the corner so I will constantly be improving and staying hungry... the main aim is to be a world champion, a true legend and known as the man of the people. I'll only ever be happy when all my goals are reached and my family's future is secured."

T: the Domestic scene at 126lbs- Warrington-Frampton in just over a week, your prediction for that fight? Is it a new heir to the throne or can Frampton get back to his very best?

A: "I believe Warrington will outpoint and beat Frampton but its boxing, anything can happen."

T: Does having a flamboyant style like yours give you any concern as you step up the levels in terms of the level of opposition and keeping a tight guard, judging the distance correctly and landing effective shots?

A: "I've only shown people 20% of what I can do... so they haven't really seen my true style... but once I get better opposition, I will go through the gears and show the world what I'm about... I'm not concerned about anything or anybody at all because I've come from the bottom... all I know is hard work, sacrifices and dedication, I'm young and hungry but most of all I am very smart. God has blessed me with the ability so why would I not use the gift I've been given? I've also got the best team.

"In the game, at the Ingle gym (in Sheffield) surrounded by great fighters, listening and learning something new each and every day, also with the guidance of a great teacher and coach Dominic Ingle, I don't see why I can't succeed."

Addressing his team, support base and any sponsorships approved or looking to get more on board, Amin Jahanzeb sends one final message to the fans who have tuned in and followed the journey thus far:

"I want to say a big thanks to all the beautiful people supporting me each and every time... spending their hard earned money to watch me perform and helping me make my dreams come true, big thanks to my family, MTK Global, and everybody at the Ingle gym, they have all been great and I appreciate it more than words can describe also Barry and Jane from Napoleons Casino in Bradford have helped me loads so far in my journey in the pro ranks... god bless them all."

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